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Frame Surveying & Mapping was founded by Jim Frame in 1993 as a general land surveying services provider. Mr. Frame, the sole proprietor of the firm, is a California licensed land surveyor (LS 5435) with over 40 years of experience serving public- and private-sector clients in Northern California.

Throughout our history we have maintained a broad mix of project types in our portfolio. The spectrum of projects completed ranges from lot-sized boundary surveys to NGS-sanctioned regional height modernization campaigns.

Our focus on professional performance and customer service is responsible for ongoing relationships with public agency, institutional and corporate clients. Direct involvement by Mr. Frame in all aspects of the firm's project workload enables us to deliver service that is exceptionally well-matched to the needs of our clients.

Frame Surveying & Mapping        609 A Street, Davis, CA 95616        530.756.8584

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